Identify Past Successes.
I found a medium that spoke to me through motion design
I joined a new group of friends inside of world of warcraft, where we executed wonderful teamwork to beat the hardest challenges in the game, something I never saw myself capable of doing before.
I became part of the leadership that pushed my team forward to success in World of Warcraft. This was my first time ever being a leader of something.
I worked with a client and had my first paid design work.
I was the project manager for my first time in a Design project. I became much more comfortable working and leading in a group.
Common threads here have something to do with personal growth in myself and my work as well as when I formed good connections and worked well with others.

 Identify core values.

• Empathy
• Understanding
• Curiosity
• Growth
• Respect

My most important value is Empathy

Identify contributions
• Listen to people’s troubles and offer a hand when I can.
• Remind people everyday that they are loved and valued, and everyone has something to offer.
• Design things that not only tell a story, but send a message that leaves an impact.
• Help other people in their journey forward. Give others advice and a hand. 
• Work together with others. Lift everyone up!

Identify goals.
Short term
Build a community where everyone builds each other up.
Find ways to further my art and use it to help people in need.
Volunteer in my community.

Long Term
Make work that inspires people
Tell a story that lifts others up
Find a way to share my knowledge with others who need help starting their journey 

Mission Statement
Everyone is on a journey of personal growth. We all walk this path at different paces yet we all walk it together. My mission is to create designs that connect and resonate with people who are currently on their own journey, and help them continue on their path.

Definition: In one succinct sentence, what design services will your practice solve?
I strive to create designs that will bring positive change, help bring people together, and help others start their journey to do the same.
Users: Who is it for?
•Individuals looking to make their start
• Groups trying to spread a message

Purpose: For whom? What problem or pain point does your and approach to design solve? What difference will it make in the world? 
I approach my designs from a story centric point of view. Stories speak to people, and applying aspects of story from everything from branding to motion, I can help spread messages that can really resonate with people.

Differentiation: How will your design services solve that problem or pain point better than the current solutions and designers?
I know the mindset of the audience that many people are trying to reach, I know simply creating an ad doesn't work anymore. You have to engage viewers in something they relate to before they may be willing to act. Through my use of story in my work, I can capture these audience better then other call to action campaigns. 

Value: How will your design services make client's business and lives better? What benefits and results will it deliver?
The goal of my work is to foster engagement with the audience, engagement that will make viewers more likely to continue following my clients in the future, or spread important messages that need to reach people to help foster change.

Goals: What's the end goal? How will your success be measured?
The goal is seeing the important message being spread. If the story I am telling touches the hearts of viewers, and they take that message forward into their own life, then that is very successful to me. If my messages resonate with people and help them out of a dark place, I'll know I am doing something right.

Summarize your answers into one succinct design philosophy 
My design philosophy is all about connecting to others, more then just a follow on twitter. Connecting with people on a deep, personal level, a connection that comes from the simple fact that we are all human. We are all trying to make our way through this life, and we should strive to help on another. I want to help people, I want to let them know that their struggles aren't in vain, what they are feeling now is valid, and that there is always a way forward. 

My goal with my designs is to create stories that resonate with viewers through their messaging. Messages that hit very deep, and give them something to take forward into their own life. Stories of struggle, loss, and hope are all things that we relate to on a fundamentally human level, and through using that connection I help my clients connect with their own audiences in a similar way, that resonates to their core.

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