Below I have a few key case studies of some of my favorite works, with information on the production process and insight into my workflow.
More of my motion work can be found on my Vimeo.
Tipsy Talk is a mini - series by the CU Denver Film and Television Department, exploring several conversations between different characters in each episode over their choice of drinks. 

This project was a student group project where our group collaboratively planned, designed, and created a thoughtful and solid intro and outro package for Tipsy Talk to use for production and marketing use. 
This project was a group exercise to re-approach the brand YouTube Music and create an app & commercial piece.

As Youtube Music was a later arrival to the music streaming services, it has the problem of copying their competitors, and as a result the Youtube Music app lacks originality and the core brand that youtube gave them. So our objective is to bring Youtube Music back to the roots of the Youtube brand and make them more cohesive over their touchpoints. Youtube has been iconic for years, and it has a strong brand that will lift Youtube music up further.
A short looping animation set in a dark, magical Celtic style forest.
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