Youtube Music is a subcategory on Youtube that brings together all of the youtube music community and makes it easily accessible for streaming at home or on the go. While Youtube Music is a little newer to the music
scene, it still provides millions of songs as well as a community of creators that has built up youtube over the years and will continue to build on Youtube music. Youtube Music builds itself on the ideal of having music as a form of self expression. As said on their commercials, “It’s not about what we listen to, it’s about who we are.”

As Youtube Music was a later arrival to the music streaming services, it has the problem of copying their competitors, and as a result the Youtube Music app lacks originality and the core brand that youtube gave them. So our objective is to bring Youtube Music back to the roots of the Youtube brand and make them more cohesive over their touchpoints. Youtube has been iconic for years, and it has a strong brand that will lift Youtube music up further.
Marketing Position
Although Youtube Music is new as a music streaming service, it is riding off the back of the bigger brand, Youtube, that has over a decade of being a well known video streaming platform. The name “Youtube” is known worldwide and is an extremely popular pastime for the younger generations. As a sub service of Youtube, Youtube Music gets that branding recognition, if it is utilized well. The challenge for Youtube Music is to stand out in an already strong lineup of competitors on the market.
Brand Matrix
Music streaming services are a rather new side of the music business but there is already a variety of competitors on the market. Youtube Music’s biggest competitors are Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon music. Spotify 
has the biggest share on the market and is the most popular, however with Youtube Music’s connection to Youtube's brand they have a more recognizable brand overall, but Spotify has the strength of being the first choice when it comes to music, with Apple Music being a close second. Youtube Music’s community can allow it to stand out from the crowd.
Brand Values  
Youtube and Youtube Music have values founded in what they describe as the “four essential freedoms that define who we are; freedom of expression, freedom of information, freedom of opportunity, and freedom to belong” Youtube’s mission is to “give everyone a voice, and show them the world.” Youtube Music follows this up with the message, “It isn’t about what we listen to, it’s about who we are.” The brand founds itself in the freedom of exploring and growing who we are as people. 

The motion piece will be exploring the core values of creative freedom and self expression that grew on youtube and now flows into youtube music. The piece will show how music reflects into someone’s life through the lighting and environment. Each is unique to the different music, but they all are 
beautiful and still make a cohesive visual. This reflects how even as people are different and like different things, there is still a place to appreciate other’s differences and come together as a group. 
The App will also follow this same line of thinking and bring the Youtube music app more inline with the core values of the brand and make the visuals unique to both Youtube’s brand as well as the unique music tastes and styles of each listener. 
Final Frames
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