Hello! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rachel Zuckerman, and I am a digital designer based out of Denver Colorado. I specialize in 2D and 3D Motion graphics, as well as branding.

My design philosophy is all about connecting to others on a deep, personal level, a connection that comes from the simple fact that we are all human. We are all trying to make our way through this life, and I believe we should do the best to help one another. I strive to help others, to let people know that their struggles aren't in vain, what they are feeling now is valid, and that there is always a way forward. 

My goal with my designs is to create stories that resonate with viewers through their messaging. Messages that hit deep, and give them something to take forward into their own life. Stories of struggle, loss, and hope are all things that we relate to on a fundamentally human level, and through using that connection I help my clients connect with their own audiences in a similar way, that resonates to their core.
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