Below I have a few key case studies of some of my most impactful works over the years, with information on my design process and research.
Creekside Premier Dental: Brand Package
This Brand design was created at my time as a designer at Signarama Brighton. This client wanted to streamline his brand image, and have this logo ready for applications across all sorts of different media. This package was designed to help keep his brand consistent regardless of the designers he works with in the future.
 This case study is showcasing my first step into the world of Interaction Design, through the IOS app I’ve created, named Brilliance. The Journey of conceptualizing and creating this application was through my Fall 2018 Interactive Media 1 class, and this Case study is a written document of everything from research to ending prototype. The final prototype is linked at the end of this case study.

 This project taught me all the steps that go into interaction design, from product research, to competitive audits, site architecture, wireframing, testing, and prototyping. I am happy with the results of what I’ve learned, but I also know I can add much more into this app concept, but for now, this document comprises everything I worked on for Brilliance.  I may visit this prototype again in the future.
A Brand reimagining of the company Capcom. This student project had us research the company, develop a new brand for them backed by market research, and create assets that follow the new brand.
A year long project all about the the development of different decorative shield designs. This project received honors from the Colorado Student Art Fair in 2015.
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