Tipsy Talks is a mini - series by the CU Denver Film and Television Department, exploring several conversations between different characters in each episode over their choice of drinks. 

The Motion III students will collaboratively create, design, and organize a thoughtful and solid intro and outro package for Tipsy Talks to use for production and marketing use. 

This direction focuses more on the environments and beverages within each episode, using simple animation and contrasting bright compositions to effectively represent each episode.

Our choice in direction was inspired by the scripts of each episode and the formatting of last year’s series, In The Black. We aimed for the inclusion of the stories within the intro, allowing viewers to become consciously aware of the references as the episodes progress.

This direction helps connect each episode to the overarching season while still celebrating the different settings, characters, and plots of every installment. The intro also engages viewers as they become invested in the series, providing them the opportunity to identify scenes from previous episodes.
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