What do you consider to be your medium, style, and services of choice? Describe why you feel that is the case.
I consider motion graphics to be my preferred medium, both 2D and 3D graphics. I make short intro videos, promotional videos, web advertisements, Logos and other graphics. My style is clean, colorful, and modern, leaning more on the more casual side.

I came to this conclusion through looking at my past work and seeing what mediums and styles I tended to stick with through out the years. Motion Design has been something I really leapt on, and I find myself using it as a solution to many projects even when it wasn't required. Motion is just a medium a really connect with well. I also tended to use a similar style when looking at my past work both in and out of class. I'd like to build on this style a little more since it isn't super unique, but I definitely see myself going after a certain look through my use of clean and colorful graphics.

What kind of skills, aptitudes, and abilities are current jobs in your field requiring, and how do you think your skills align with them? Please include at least three job listings from anywhere in the United States. 
My first thoughts for skills that are required in motion centered design very strong composition, and animation skills are obviously required, as well as good use of audio. strong conceptualizing and communication of ideas, good sense of timing, and strong eye for color. 

When I looked at job listings for motion designers I found three off the bat in my local area, which I listed below along with some bullet points of required skills.

Unbridled: Denver, Motion Graphics Designer
- Creative content design including but not limited to: After Effects/Motion Graphics; video editing/production; web banners and web graphics 
- Proficient/knowledgeable in: After Effects/ Photoshop/ Illustrator/ InDesign/ Premier and/or Final Cut Pro/ Flash
- Excel in the creation of video/artwork that applies strategic marketing/branding for multiple brands 
- 3D modeling/rendering experience a plus
- Audio experience a plus
- Ability to effectively communicate with our internal company departments and clients
- Experience preparing final video product for upload to clients
- Ability to self-manage, work independently, and meet client expectations and deadlines
- Life-long learning spirit and hunger to take on new challenges

Lockheed Martin: Littleton, Mid-Senior Design
Basic skills:
- Experience preferably in the commercial or film industries.
- Advanced technical skills in industry-standard design programs: Adobe Suite, After Effects, C4D, and the standard 3rd party plugins for each.
- Exceptional design, layout, and typography skills.
- Possess excellent communication skills, both written, verbal, and presentation, to effectively communicate business cases to all levels of peers, suppliers, as well as program and executive management, and the ability to convey creative ideas within a collaborative environment
Desired skills:
- Experience with (DAM) Digital Asset Management systems.
- Familiarity in video editing tools such as Adobe Premier.
- Multi-task in a fast-paced team environment and work well under pressure

Tegna: Denver, Motion Graphic Designer
- Strong executional skills in Adobe products, specifically Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects, Cinema 4D and Premiere Pro are also preferred, any Chyron/Vertigo experience is a nice to have
- Excellent design and animation skills A professional portfolio chalked full of compelling and aspirational designs. We want to see your design chops! 
- Strong customer service and communication skills
- Able to perform under very tight deadlines 
- Able to react to change and take direction effectively and productively 

Thinking about after you graduate, what would you (either as a freelancer, employee, or business owner) offer that no one else in your market can? What would be your brand's unique value proposition?
I would offer the versatile combination of 2D and 3D skills but also the ability to be part of every bit of the motion design process; from idea generation and development to story boarding, graphic creation and animation, all the way to final color correction and FX work to hand off the final product. I will be a singe person production crew for short form video. I will also be able to do logo production and brand development that can then be taken to video introductions and ads. I also have the personal understanding of the content creator sphere on websites such as Twitch and Youtube, and I understand how to talk to people in the spheres of internet and gaming culture.

Ideally, what kind of clients/industries would you like to serve and work with, and why? Please provide links to a few examples. 
After struggling with this for years and trying to force myself to lean towards more cooperate and professional markets, I have realized that for years I have always been into the more video game, entertainment side of life, I understand online and video game communities after years of being exposed to them, I know what they want to see and what styles work, and if I had to pick industries to work in it would be in the social influencer spheres, the video game industry, and online creator industry.

I Would also be interested in working with a video game company and focus more on the branding of the games and the game studio.

Through your research create a list of the kinds of problems you are most interested in addressing after you graduate and why
- How can motion bring attention to the product and/or brand?
- What compelling story can we tell about the brand and/or product?
- How to market a creator to stand out from the competition and be unique?
- What ways can we engage the audience and provide an amazing experience for them?

Based on your research, what attributes and services do you think you would need to offer to be competitive in your envisioned marketplace?
- Full branding consulting as well as Motion / graphic production
- If I lean into the video game industry I would need a stronger grasp of UX/UI
- Continue develop 3D and 2D skills and mix them together creatively.
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