This exercise took place over a few months, where I explored my personal brand, and how I wanted to visualize myself and my work. I did three different logo designs and animations that lead me to the final design I settled on for my brand. These are meant to be simple intro animations for videos, the backgrounds are left simple to be used for alpha channels.
     This first logo was the start of my exploration to my Design persona, "Nevvah" Before this I had struggled using my real name to create a logo for myself, so I decided to take a different approach.
      After a long exploration on the logo concept, I settled on this first design. I go into more detail on how I reached this design on this page here but to summarize, I wanted to create a logo of something simple but not overly serious, with a softer feel for it. I was overall happy with this direction with the logo at the time, and I took these aspects of the logo as the basis of the animation. 
     I used Cinema 4D for this logo, but I still wanted to get the more graphic look over all through the use of flatter textures on the model. The advantage of this approach was how I was able to highlight the curve of the moon and give a surprise reveal of the logo in a simple and elegant way.  
     Another logo with a different approach. I took the moon concept and explored more ways to deconstruct my first logo in different and more simple ways. I wanted to explore using my logo to show a mini reel in the intro. Which, while I was glad I explored the idea, I decided it was not the approach I wanted for my logo or brand.
     All of my exploration finally led me here. I took some inspiration from my first logo design and animation, which I was overall happy with the approach, but I didn't feel the design was quite there. I wanted a better silhouette for my logo, while keeping the overall playful approach of the first design. I go more into the logo design process on the page linked above, but the logo was basically inspired by the moon along with an very simple and geometric N for my design name.
     The animation is a nice simple reveal again, this time I wanted to highlight the shape of the N as it relates to my brand, and the reveal focuses on that shape rather than the curve of the moon. The song is soft yet a little playful, a good middle ground that I feel represents what I want my brand to be well.
     Overall I am pleased with this exploration journey, and I am pleased with the outcome of my personal logo and animation. It was a little frustrating at points, creating a brand myself very challenging. It was easy to second guess my approach and what I wanted in my own personal brand. Falling back on my personal tastes and past design works really helped me realize who I was, the types of works i'm good at and enjoy creating. My works always have a more playful vibe, not overly serious and strict, a lighter approach on designs that are still elegant and simple. These were the qualities I wanted to show in my personal logo and animation, and after those months of exploration I am happy with where I ended up now.
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