Online communities create an environment that allows people the anonymity to be more willing to express bigoted opinions and hurtful jokes towards minorities. Other participants in these online spaces can either be ignorant of the problem, or ignore that the problem exists.

PROBLEM: Online communities are unsafe for minority groups because the culture has evolved to a point where people feel free to express negative views that they wouldnt do in person. These bigoted views have become so ingrained in the culture (gaming culture?) that many people on the internet either ignorant of the problem or pretend it doesnt exist
Online communities create an environment that allows people to express bigoted opinions towards minorities
MY GOAL: To create an awareness campaign to draw attention to the problem and give people the knowledge to try and stop people who are expressing bigoted views
Give people a call to action to call out bigoted views when they see it and stop the spread of racist messaging, as well as empower people to stand up to those who are targeted.
I can only educate people who are not aware that it is a problem I cannot change minds or behavior
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