"Online communities create an environment that allows people the anonymity to be more willing to express bigoted opinions and hurtful jokes towards minorities. Other participants in these online spaces can either be ignorant of the problem, or ignore that the problem exists. How can motion graphics be used to educate people on the bigoted messaging used online communities to target minority groups, especially people of color?"
Thoughts from People who read over the Question:
"How can motion graphics be used to educate better online communities when it comes to racism and bigotry"

"How can you reach out to young boys who learn bigoted opinions through youtube videos and other online media and teach them better"

" How can you used animation as a tool of education towards racists and bigot"

"How can motion graphics be used to spread awareness about tactics that are used to spread bigotry and create biases against minorities?
What are signs that someone may be trying to indorenate unknowing parties into turning against people in minorities?"

"How do you keep nazi's / racists / assholes out of your discord (online spaces) 
Create an open eviorment where people dont say insensitive things. The questions is a little unclear with the wording."

Summary & thoughts for Improvement
Overall it seems like everyone understood that I was addressing bigotry in online communities, however for different people the extent of that meant different things. I didn't specify a single website or community, and for the people I interviewed they had their own idea of what groups they thought I was targeting. Along with that, my target audience wasn't clear. In the responses some people thought I was trying to educate the people who have the bigoted opinions, when actually my intent was not to target the people who's minds I cannot change, but focus my efforts of people who are not even aware of the problem and educate them on the issue. Everyone agreed that the research question has merit, and they understood how I would use design to address the problem, but I have to clarify the scope of my thesis and be more clear on the target audience. 

- Clarify my target audience more. I am not looking to change the minds of people who already have a side, but I am looking to educate the people in the middle who are unaware of the problem. That fact needs to be clear in my research problem. 
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