How can you leverage your thesis to set the foundation for your short, mid, and long-term goals?
I can dig a little deeper to figure out my path for my design future by really honing into my niche and building up my skills more. I will also use it to find topics I am passionate about and want to use design to solve. 

If your goals involve additional education or professional experience (masters, internship, certifications, etc.), consider what that would entail and how long they would take to obtain. 
I would need to get more internship experience or try and find a mentor in my field. I know if I plan on doing something more akin to interactive experiences, that field is more close knit. 

If you need advice (and you will), consider reaching out to a professional contact and establishing a mentor-mentee relationship. A mentor could be an experienced coworker, a previous employer, or someone you do not currently know. 
I know Josh from my motion class last year is involved in the motion industry and may have good contacts for me. Travis is also deep into 3D motion and might have some advice for me as well.

If you need to build your skillset, how can you utilize your thesis and continue to learn after graduation? Sometimes it might not be immediately evident as to how you’ll use a new skill. For example, if you can improve your communication and public speaking skills. Not only would developing your public speaking skills build a short-term skill such as confidence, but it may also help achieve a long-term goal such as being in a position of leadership at an organization by developing the ability to communicate effectively and speak to large groups.
I plan on utilizing my thesis to work on my skills in motion and in 3D by looking at what else is being done and set myself on the path to learn it myself. This will also help my ability to see a piece and dissect it myself without having to be completely reliant on online tutorials for everything

Specify the known obstacles that stand between you and reaching your short, mid, and longterm goals.  
I haven't found my Niche.
My personal skills with social media are not strong enough, especially for branding myself as a freelance designer.
My client skills need work as well, knowing what to say, how to prove my point, and how to stand up for myself in regards to client work.
I need to continue to improve and develop my design skills


Goal 1(Short Term) -Understand what my brand looks like now and settle on a Design image that I want to present to the world
-Finish my Website

Goal 2(Short Term) - Find a passion that I can develop into a career.
- Polish my skills for what I love to do

Goal 3(Mid Term)- Find my niche that really speaks to me.
- Figure out how to stand out from the market.

Goal 4(Mid Term)- Have a good start in my freelancing career.
- Understand all the legal work involved in freelancing
- Finalize my client approach and prices

Goal 5(Mid Term)- Share my work with others.
- Work on my Social Media skills

Goal 6(Midterm Term)- Get to the standard of the masters in my field
- Look into finding a mentor program
- Internship?

Goal 7(Long Term)- Develop a large scale project that speaks to myself and my passions
- Find how to push my skills further to constantly improve myself.

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